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Thursday, February 12, 2015

RapidShare will officially Close!

RapidShare will officially Close!
A few years back, the name Rapidshare has become one of the popular file-sharing site in the internet world. But now, these services appear to be starting to outdated and no longer be file sharing site that is widely used. They evenannounced when service Rapidshare will close on next month.

On the official website, file-sharing Site RapidShare has stated it will immediately close its services after more than a decade to bridge the circulation of films,music, and a variety of other files on the internet –-both legal and illegal.Starting when?
RapidShare will officially Close!
The announcement was posted by a service provider from Switzerland in its site.In the announcement, they advised its users to quickly move data  data that is stored on their servers because it will be removed on March 31, 2015.

RapidShare first established in 2002, and its popularity reached a tipping point in 2010, in which they were entered into the list of the 50 most numerous sites on the internet, such as detikINET quotation Gizmodo, Thursday (12/2/2015).

But that popularity has also become a double-edged sword for them. Easy to share movies and music files illegally through the services it makes a greatenemy to RapidShare so every entertainment company.

One of them is the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) mentions the nasty site Mediafire as ' '. RapidShare also repeatedly facing various lawsuits.

Not only that, the Government calls the United States ' illegal sites as RapidShareis a very famous '. And stated that the site was very often used for the exchange of films, songs, and various other illegal copyright works globally.

Actually RapidShare is already trying to clear his name, by changing its servicesbecame providers of cloud storage. But the effort remains unsuccessful. By 2013they've started doing the reduction of number of employees.

While in 2014, RapidShare has already stopped the service available. This was the kind of death sentence for RapidShare. By bertebarannya-sex on the internetservice provider, the users seem to prefer free rather than paid service.

Source Detiknet
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